image credit: nsf, ligo, sonoma state university, a. simmonet

LssT detection of optical counterparts of Gravitational Waves 2019

May 3-4, 2019
columbia university, new york city

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pdf version of schedule available here

Friday, May 3 2019

overview (chair: zsuzsa Marka)
8:15-8:45 light breakfast
8:45-9:00 welcome remarks morgan May, szabi Marka, zsuzsa Marka (slides)
9:00-9:30 ligo overview barry barish (slides)
9:30-10:00 lsst overview zeljko ivezic (slides)
10:00-10:30 science oppurtunities overview, including rates anuradha gupta, surabhi sachdev, b.s. sathyaprakash (slides)
10:30-11:00 coffee break
survey strategies and synergies (chair: edo berger)
11:00-11:25 lsst survey plans / transient background zeljko ivezic, anthony tyson (slides)
11:25-11:50 survey strategies for kilonovae philip cowperthwaite (slides)
11:50-12:15 mma survey synergies marcelle soares-santos (slides)
12:15-12:40 panel raffaella margutti, christian setzer, zeljko ivezic, philip cowperthwaite, zoltan haiman, marcelle soares-santos, anthony tyson
12:40-2:00 lunch
implications for cosmology (chair: morgan may)
2:00-2:25 cosmology / H0 overview adam riess
2:25-2:50 cosmology with gravitational waves hsin-yu chen (slides)
2:50-3:30 panel marcelle soares-santos, adam riess, philip cowperthwaite, duncan brown, samaya nissanke
3:30-4:00 coffee break
interface: lsst, ligo, and community (chair: raffaella margutti)
4:00-4:25 ligo alerts leo singer (slides)
4:25-4:50 lsst data rahul biswas (slides)
4:50-5:30 panel rahul biswas, leo singer, zsuzsa marka, zeljko ivezic, anthony tyson, christian setzer

Saturday, May 4 2019

lessons from gw170817 (chair: jennifer barnes)
8:30-9:00 light breakfast
9:00-9:25 lessons from gw170817 brad cenko (slides)
9:25-9:50 multi-wavelength mma synergies edo berger (slides)
9:50-10:15 x-ray oppurtunities and lsst raffaella margutti (slides)
10:15-10:40 panel peter shawhan, brad cenko, edo berger, chryssa kouveliotou, raffaella margutti
10:40-11:10 coffee break
nuclear physics oppurtunities (chair: brian metzger)
11:10-11:35 kilonovae as probes of r-process jennifer barnes (slides)
11:35-12:00 neutron star eos constraints katerina chatziioannou (slides)
12:00-12:25 discussion katerina chatziioannou, jennifer barnes, brian metzger
12:25-1:45 lunch
1:45-2:05 reflections anthony tyson, zeljko ivezic
lessons and oppurtunities from other missions (chair: szabi marka)
2:05-2:30 lessons from ztf igor andreoni (slides)
2:30-2:55 tess george ricker (slides)
2:55-3:20 gamma-ray oppurtunities chryssa kouveliotoui (slides)
3:20-3:50 coffee break
new oppurtunities in multi-messenger science (chair: bangalore sathyaprakash)
3:50-4:15 icecube imre bartos (slides)
4:15-4:40 bns merger populations with 3g detectors mohammad safarzadeh (slides)
4:40-5:10 discussion igor andreoni, george ricker, chryssa kouveliotou, imre bartos, jasmine gill
5:10-5:30 wine and cheese

list of workshop participants: